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Childhood Safety

Children live and play in a variety of environments. Crawling on the floor of the home comes to mind. Playing in the home lawn as toddlers is often the first contact a child has with nature.

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Parks and other recreational facilities also play an important role in the growth our children.

The school room, cafeteria, and the school yard usually follow. Children spend a lot of time at school.

Children live "low to the ground," and anything on the floor or the lawn, at home, park, or at the school is likely to end up on them, and possibly in them.

This becomes very important as it relates to pest control. How do we protect our children from both the harmful effects of insects, and the dangers inherent in pesticides at the same time?

IPM At Home

IPM. Integrated pest management practices should be in place in the home, in parks, and in the school. You can even start your own at home. By following the steps outlined on this site, you will be following the best, and greenest form of integrated pest management. Pest prevention!

Going To School With IPM

For questions concerning the pest control practices in your child's school, you should contact your local school district. Most states now require schools to have an integrated pest management program in place, so if you have questions, ask them.

Taking IPM To The Park

For questions about pest control practices in parks and recreational facilities, contact your city's Parks department for details. Let them know of your concerns, and they will be glad to help you.

To get started on your very own home pest management program, just see: How To Use This Site, Prevention Starts Outdoors, or our Prevention Program page. Just follow the links at the bottom of each page, for a step by step program. There are many other resources on this site so be sure to take a look at our Main Directory .

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