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Mole And Gopher Prevention Techniques

Mole And Gopher Prevention

The best way to prevent moles, is to prevent grubs.
The Best way to prevent grubs is to prevent flying beetles such as the June bug.
The best way to prevent June bugs is to get rid of the light that causes them to swarm around your home.

Outdoor lighting is, or has become, a modern necessity like automobiles, (What would we do without them? *sigh*) or cell phones, (Again, what would we do without them? *double sigh*)

The best way to prevent gophers, is to kill everything growing in your yard, and cover the entire area with concrete! So, you want something green around your home? Okay, paint the concrete!

No, just kidding. There is very little you can do to prevent gophers, since they eat roots, and will eat a wide variety of roots. This being the case, what can you do short of darkening your lawn, or turning it into a parking lot?

Underground rodent barriers

Gophers and moles rarely travel above ground, so standard fencing does little to prevent them. What about underground fencing? An underground vertical barrier can be installed using galvanized hardware cloth, with a 90 degree outward bend at the bottom. This method can be used in conjunction with standard fencing, rock and masonry walls, or alone.

Mole and gopher prevention tutorial coming soon.

Look for more information on this topic, on this website. There will be a mole and gopher prevention tutorial coming soon.

We have set up a website dedicated completely to gopher control. Drop by for a visit! 

Conventional Pest Control Service: IPM based

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