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Bugs And Weeds

Green Guide To Green Pest Control And Pest Prevention


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Real Estate Buyers

Pest Prevention: Real Estate

Many people buy homes each year, only to find out later that they live next door to a bug and weed incubator, or that the home that they purchased is not up to the task of keeping the bugs around the property out of the kitchen and living room. This page lists some of our real estate related resources. In fact, all of this site is can help. 

Real Estate Pest Assessment

The home was inspected for lead paint, for termites, for asbestos, all the little areas of concern that a potential home buyer needs to consider. Well, almost all...

Real Estate Buyers

Using this site as a checklist when buying real estate.

Real Estate Checklist

Homes are generally inspected for termites and termite damage, but there is a lot more to getting that great, bug free home than just termite inspection. There are thousands of other insects and other pests that can ruin the experience of home ownership. If you need a guide for what to look for, and how to check, you have come to the right place!

Recession, Real Estate, And Bugs

Use the information on this site to help you live a bug free existence in these times of recession.

Green Building

Is your new home built with green pest control in mind? Prevention is the best form of pest control. There is a lot you can do to protect your home from pest invasion.

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