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Bugs And Weeds

Green Guide To Green Pest Control And Pest Prevention

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Landscape Directory 

Using landscape practices to prevent and control bug and weed pests.

Landscape As Prevention

Your landscape is an insect and rodent magnet, it will attract them, or it will help to repel them, based on how you manage it.

Plant Choices As Pest Prevention

Your choice of plants to populate your landscape plays a very important role in preventing home pests. As a general rule of thumb, these should be native plants whenever possible. 

Tree Care As Prevention

Good pest prevention practices apply to trees as well as the rest of your landscape. Proper maintenance will repel insects and weeds, poor practices will attract them like a lawyer to an ambulance. 

Landscape The Facts

Use plants native to your area when you are landscaping. Native plants are already resistant to native pests, are comfortable with your climate and average rainfall, and they won't break out into the environment and eat the forest.

Alternative Plants For Pest Prevention

The best cure for plants that attract insects, is to get rid of them and plant types that discourage pests. Your landscape is a magnet for pests, and it will either attract them or repel them. The plants you choose have a lot to do with this.

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