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Bugs And Weeds

Green Guide To Green Pest Control And Pest Prevention


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Introduction to our bugs and weeds website.

Introduction  Directory

Bugs And Weeds

Our home page. A short discussion of what makes a bug a bug, and a weed, a weed, and information about this sites prevention pages.

 Pest Prevention System

The goal of this site, is to provide a systematic approach to pest prevention, in a logical, way, that will become the basis for further pest control efforts.

How To Use This Site 

This site can be used in several ways. It is designed with the user in mind.

Bugs And Weeds Introduction

More site introduction from a slightly different perspective. 

Bugalicious Weedy Trivia

Like the name says, bug and weed trivia. 

Our Weedy Site Map

A directory of all the pages on this site. It might help if you get lost, or if you are looking for a specific page name, and aren't sure where to look.

Pest Prevention: Eco Friendly Pest Control

This would seem to be self explanatory, but sometimes the simple answer slips by us. The simple explanation may seem to easy, and to obvious, but, it is usually right.

Real Estate Buyers

Using this site as a checklist when buying real estate.


Links to some sites that we consider to be beneficial.

Re-thinking Integrated Pest Management

A slightly different approach to IPM.

Preventing pests how to do it yourself

Long term pest prevention for homes, gardens, lawns, and landscapes. That is what this site is all about. To take a direct route to information  on how to do it, Prevention Starts Outdoors is the place to begin.

Prevention Program

Welcome to our pest prevention program page! The links listed here are part of an integrated program of integrated pest management.

The green alternative to pesticides

What is green, requires no commercial pesticides, or organic, natural pesticides, or strange odd electronic devices, and can still keep bugs and weeds off your property, out of your lawn, garden, landscape, and home?

Holistic Pest Control

Preventing pests should be the first step in pest control. Prevention should be the basis for any system of pest management. A holistic approach is what is needed, and what we offer.

Eco Friendly Home Pest Control

Eco Logic, sometimes the arguments from both sides of environmental issues just don't make sense. It is like two people looking at the wrong map, and arguing on the best route to follow to get to a destination!

Green Building

Is your new home built with green pest control in mind? Prevention is the best form of pest control. There is a lot you can do to protect your home from pest invasion.

Conventional Pest Control Service: IPM based

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