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Bugs And Weeds

Green Guide To Green Pest Control And Pest Prevention


Bugs and Weeds Main Directory

A list of bug and weed pest information resources on this site. 

Bugs and Weeds Information

Our frequently updated information center and blog.


A few pages of introductory material about bugs and weeds, and bug and weed pest prevention, and how to use this site.

Border Pest Prevention

A list of pages dealing with controlling the outer edges and borders of your property. This is your first front in the war on pests.

Lawncare Pest Prevention

Pages containing information about using lawn care practices to control and prevent pests.

Landscape Pest Prevention

Landscape pest practices as pest control. What you do in your landscape will either attract or repel pests. Learn how to use it to your advantage in pest prevention.

Indoor Pest Prevention

These pages deal with keeping pests out of your home. Such issues as pest entry routes, and sealing your home against them. 

Article Directory 

List and Links Of Buggy Weedy Articles

Real Estate Buyers Pest Guide

Many people buy homes each year, only to find out later that they live next door to a bug and weed incubator, or that the home that they purchased is not up to the task of keeping the bugs around the property out of the kitchen and living room. This page lists some of our real estate related resources. In fact, all of this site can help.

Conventional Pest Control Service: IPM based

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