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Chemical Free Pest Control: Prevention

Our pest prevention methods control pests without chemicals of any type

The prevention methods presented on this site are chemical free. Not only are they free from commercial pesticides, they are also free from any pesticides, commercial or natural.

Many of the examples given on this website fall into the area of mechanical controls, or biological controls. What do we mean by that?

Mechanical Control

Most of these methods are mechanical in nature. Not that they are accomplished with machines necessarily, but that they involve the physical removal of debris, or brush, or the addition of drainage, or even the use of a caulk gun.

Biological Controls 

Some of the pest prevention practices on these pages are biological in nature, but not in the sense that the term "biological controls" is tossed around these days.

Potential problems

The idea of using predatory diseases, fungi, or insects, outside of those which already exist in your area, is a bit more frightening to me than the use of chemicals, which are a "known quantity." We understand the potential damage caused by improper chemical use, but have limited knowledge or control of exotic diseases, fungi, or insects which are possible candidates for rapid mutation, or changes in conditions. A good example of what I am talking about would be Kudzu.

A better biological method

The biological control I am proposing are such methods as:

  • Replacing plants that attract pests, with ones that are resistant to pests. Usually, the most pest resistant varieties of ornamental, are the ones native to a particular place.
  • Using plants that discourage weeds and bugs by their natural chemistry, or by simply outgrowing them.
  • Encouraging such native predators as Purple Martins or bats for mosquitoes and other pests is another method.

The three examples given, are "biological controls" by definition. If these controls are used with native life forms, they are safe, effective, and won't break out and eat the forest.

Conventional Pest Control Service: IPM based

To get started on your very own home pest management program, just see: How To Use This Site, Prevention Starts Outdoors, or our Prevention Program page. Just follow the links at the bottom of each page, for a step by step program. There are many other resources on this site so be sure to take a look at our Main Directory .

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