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The Greenest Green Pest Control

12 reasons why preventing pests is the greenest form of green pest control, greener even than the use of green pest products.

Preventing Bugs

Bugs are what most people think of when they think of pests. Weeds are pests as well, but when a person says: "I have a pest problem," it usually means bugs.

Preventing Weeds

Weeds are not normally what people think of when they think of pests. They are usually thinking of bugs and insects, but weeds are pests too! What is a weed? A weed is simply a plant out of place.

Home and Landscape

Improvements in your landscape can have a profound effect on the aesthetic quality of your experience as a homeowner, and can have a positive effect on the the monetary value of your home as well.

Tree Pruning

Almost every activity related to lawn, garden and landscape has a direct effect on the pest population!

Mow More Often

Proper lawn care, can be one of the best ways to prevent pests, not just in your lawn, but also in your landscape and inside your home.  

Don't Bag

Pests love cover. They love to hide in a nice layer of thatch in your lawn, and develop communities. Knowing this has led many to bag lawn clippings. Hold on there! There is a much better way, and it is much more ecologically sound, and much better for your lawn! 

Lawn Basics

The basics of lawn care, are also the basics for lawn pest control and prevention. 

Prevention Beats Control

This should require no explanation, it is just plain and simple. Stopping pests before they start makes more sense than having to control them when you have an infestation. Like house fires, or auto accidents, it is smarter to avoid them, than to deal with the consequences, no matter what kind of insurance you have!

 Keep Outdoor Pests From Coming In

Keeping pests out of your home is pretty simple really. Just don't give them what they are looking for. Deny them a place to live, food and cover, water, and a way to get inside. This article will describe a little bit about how to do just that. 

Go Native

The best method for preventing landscape pests, is to have the proper landscape plants. You need plants that will ward off insects and disease, that will be healthy where you live, that like your climate and weather conditions, in short, you need native plants! 

22Prevention Tips

Don't let pests get your best, before the bugs start bugging you, or before the weeds make you wacky, try these prevention tools!  

Real Estate Checklist

Homes are generally inspected for termites and termite damage, but there is a lot more to getting that great, bug free home than just termite inspection. There are thousands of other insects and other pests that can ruin the experience of home ownership. If you need a guide for what to look for, and how to check, you have come to the right place! 

An Ounce Of Prevention

Environmental concerns are not the only pest related concerns. Pests cause billions of dollars worth of damage each year, with more also being spent on trying to control them. Preventing pests not only makes sense from an ecological point of view, but also from an economic angle! 

Pest Routes Of Entry

Homes have openings. How well those openings are sealed, determines how many pests will get inside. This article will help you to find those week spots in your defenses, and strengthen your homes border against the invaders. 

Pest Free Home

Before you drag out the chemicals, or call the exterminator, give these things a try, and you will be well on your way toward freedom from pests before you spend a dime on chemical control!

Alternative Plants For Pest Prevention

The best cure for plants that attract insects, is to get rid of them and plant types that discourage pests. Your landscape is a magnet for pests, and it will either attract them or repel them. The plants you choose have a lot to do with this.

IPM And Schools, Parks, And Homes

Taking IPM to school.

Mole And Gopher Prevention

The best way to prevent moles, is to prevent grubs.
The Best way to prevent grubs is to prevent flying beetles such as the June bug.
The best way to prevent June bugs is to get rid of the light that causes them to swarm around your home.

Chemical Free Pest Control

The prevention methods presented on this site are chemical free. Not only are they free from commercial pesticides, they are also free from any pesticides, commercial or natural.

Kudzu: A Cautionary Tale

Reasons to exercise caution when attempting to solve problems with plants and insects.

Preventing Exotic Aquatic Weeds

We have problems with Hydrilla, Giant Salvinia, Water Hyacinth, and many others. They are effecting our water source, and our recreation, and are changing the biological balance by destroying bio-diversity.

Snakes In The House

Most of us cannot imagine a more frightening thought. Even if you have a reptile as a pet, having a few around that you are not aware of, could become, at least slightly unnerving!

IPM For Homes, Schools, and Other Public Properties

The first step in any IPM program is pest prevention. Indoor pest prevention begins outdoors. Most pest experts agree that most of our lawn, ornamental, and indoor pests live out their life cycles on the property where they are a problem.

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