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How To Prevent Pests: 22 Tips

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Don't let pests get your best, before the bugs start bugging you, or before the weeds make you wacky, try these prevention tools!

1. Putting a mesh screen over the inside of your eve vents will prevent insects and rodents from gaining entry.

2. Getting rid of rotting wood, will help to keep roaches off your property, and out of your home.

3. Mowing more often will stop weeds from creating new weeds, and lower the bug population.

4. Trimming trees properly will help to keep them from rotting and inviting insects and disease.

5. Keeping trees trimmed away from your roof will prevent insects that might use the roof to gain access to your vents, and inside your home, and keep squirrels out of your attic.

6. Sealing all outside cracks and holes including those for electrical cables, communication cables, plumbing, and around doors and windows, will help to keep outdoor pests outdoors.

7. Sealing all cracks and holes indoors, will help keep out the ones that the outside sealing didn't stop.

8. Replacing worn weather stripping and door sweeps will help to keep insects and rodents out of your home.

9. Screening dryer vents will help to keep rodents at bay.

10. Filling low spots in your property will help to keep the mosquito population low.

11. Keeping the weep holes around your home clear of dirt and debris, will help to keep your home free of mold and mildew.

12. Keeping vines and shrubs a foot or more from the home will improve your chances of keeping pests away.

13. Careful irrigation can help to keep the pest population down.

14. Checking your indoor pets after outdoor excursions can keep hitch hiking bugs out.

15. Not over fertilizing, can help keep fungi from developing on your lawn.

16. Removing debris, and piles of wood, brush, or other materials from your property can cut down on the number of spiders you have to deal with.

17. If you have hornets and ants around your area, removing sugars and carbohydrates can help keep them away.

18. Keeping the lids tightly closed on trash cans, and keeping the cans well away from any place where people gather or doorways to your home can cut down on flies.

19. Good cultural practices can keep weeds at bay.

20. Feeding outdoor pets properly, and leaving no extra food behind will eliminate pests who come to eat the dog or cats leftovers.

21. Getting rid of grubs will usually get rid of armadillos and moles.

22. Fixing any leaky plumbing, or dripping outdoor faucets will help to keep all pests away, including rodents, carpenter ants, and fungus.

All these things taken together constitute a pretty good pest prevention program, and should lower your need for pesticide..

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