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Want A Pest Free Landscape? Go Native!

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The best method for preventing landscape pests, is to have the proper landscape plants. You need plants that will ward off insects and disease, that will be healthy where you live, that like your climate and weather conditions, in short, you need native plants!

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As fall and winter approach, it is time to buy those shrubs and trees to build, or improve your landscape. When you do this, think about the types of plants you will want to use, and how they will interact. Will they be pest magnets, or pest repellents? Wise choices in this area, can yield an abundance of joy. Poor choices can lead to a lot of misery.

The single most important thing you can do to "pest proof" your landscape, is to build it with plants that are native to your area. Native plants will decrease your pest problems, lower your water and nutrient needs, and do a big favor for the environment!

Native plants, are naturally resistant to the types of pests you have in your region, and are already acclimated to your soil types, your weather conditions, and your seasons. Native plants are accustomed to the average annual rainfall in your area, and they won't break out of your landscape and swallow the forests of your area.

Every year we see thousands of acres taken over by non native, alien pests. They destroy the native plant life and in doing so, destroy the biodiversity of the area. The cost is into the millions for controlling them, and we are just seeing the tip of the botanical iceberg.

Integrated pest management, should start with prevention, and the place to begin is with the right plants for your area. At the very least, you should avoid the use of anything that is known to be "invasive."

In Texas we have a state organization which encourages the use of native varieties. "Go Texan," encourages the use of Texas grown native plants in landscape design.  Your state has similar organizations, so check them out, and make your landscape and your world a better place.

Your areas native plants are:
1. Acclimated to your temperatures.
2. Accustomed to your areas rainfall.
3. Accustomed to your seasonal changes
4. Resistant to your pests
5. They won't eat the local forests or lakes.

What a deal! You get all of that plus great looking plants, that look great in your area! 

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