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10 Reasons to Mow More Often

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Lawn care for pest prevention, pest control, pest management.

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Proper lawn care, can be one of the best ways to prevent pests, not just in your lawn, but also in your landscape and inside your home. If it is done well, it will eliminate food, cover, and water for the pests, so they will have no reason to stick around!
When you start planning out your routine for lawn garden and landscape maintenance, give a little thought to the single most effective thing that you can do to improve your lawn. Increasing mowing frequency will help your lawn in ways you might not have thought about.
Here are 10 great reasons you should:
1. The more often you mow, the "tighter" your lawn  will become, because the grass will start to grow laterally rather than upward.
2. Mowing more frequently will allow you to lower your mowing height, providing less cover for insects, and less cover means fewer bugs.
3. As a result of the tightening of the turf, it will be more durable as well. Mowing heavily trafficked areas more frequently can help to prevent those ugly bald spots in your lawn.
4. Since there is less leaf blade to transpire water, the lawn will need less water, and irrigation can become less frequent.
5. Less frequent irrigation will help to keep fungus from becoming a problem.
6. The clippings you have will be smaller, and will degrade more quickly, putting more nitrogen and organic matter back into the soil, so less fertilizer is needed to keep the lawn green.
7. Thatch will be less of a problem.
8. The need for bagging will disappear.
9. It will help your lawn to be more healthy, and healthy lawns ward off lawn disease and fungus, can withstand more traffic, and suffer less from insect damage, recovering more quickly when these problems do occur.
10.You will have fewer weed problems, because they can't go to seed between mowing's, and because the weeds will be competing with a healthy opponent.
Let's recap.
Mowing more frequently saves money on fertilizer and irrigation, makes your lawn stronger, tighter, and more bug, weed, disease and fungus resistant.
There is another benefit of more frequent mowing. It provide exercise. If you want to tone up, or work off some extra weight, why not double the benefit? So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and mow, mow, mow!


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