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5 Steps Toward A Pest Free Home Environment

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If you want to achieve a pest free home environment, there are some simple steps that you can take that will help. These are things that should be done anyway, so you will be doing yourself a favor by preempting the "honey do" list. Before you drag out the chemicals, or call the exterminator, give these things a try, and you will be well on your way toward freedom from pests before you spend a dime on chemical control!

We can never live a completely pest free existence, but we can make it a lot more comfortable by following a few simple rules.

1. For pest free property: Start your prevention at the rough edges of your property. Brush and debris control, will provide a clear zone starting with the parameter of your property to move the pests further away from you. Then follow the directions bellow:

2. For a pest free landscape: Use pest resistant plants, these are usually native plants. Mulch carefully with weed seed free products, don't over water. When pruning trees, do it right so that pest, fungus and disease don't have an entry inside the tree.

3. For a pest free lawn: Mow more often, use sharp blades, water Less, only fertilize enough to keep the lawn healthy, don't fertilize too late in the year, don't aerify to late in the year. Clean mower between "roughs" and lawn.

4. For a pest free garden: Use bug resistant varieties, make sure that the amendments you use are free of weed seeds.

You have now taken steps to keep pests off your property, out of your landscape, lawn, and garden, and that should reduce the numbers available to assault your home.

5. For a pest free home: Follow all the above steps, and then seal all pest entries into your home.

These steps are just the basics, get creative in your thinking of how to carry them out. Good luck on your quest to prevent pests. 

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