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Preventing Invasive Aquatic (Lake And Pond) Weeds: What You Can Do

Aquatic Invasive Plants

Alien aquatic plant life is taking a toll in the ponds, lakes rivers and streams of our country. I don't think that most people are taking the problem seriously enough, or, they don't understand the gravity of the situation. 

In my native East Texas, the problem is bad enough that it even caught the attention of the New York Times! We have problems with Hydrilla, Giant Salvinia, Water Hyacinth, and many others. They are effecting our water source, and our recreation, and are changing the biological and ecological balance by destroying biodiversity.

Preventing the invasion

Listed here are some ways that you can help to stem the tide, and prevent further infestations:

  • Check your boat from stem to stern, inside and out. Clean thoroughly. Check all containers and equipment for hitch hikers. Fishing tackle, nets, live wells, and bilge should all be cleaned and checked. Boat trailers should be inspected. Boat propellers are often the culprit, check closely. Even if you are fishing from a dock or a bank, check and clean the equipment after each outing and before you move to a new body of water.

  • Try to launch from areas free of aquatic weeds for at least 150 feet  and with good facilities onsite for proper cleaning after an excursion.

  • Take a close look at the area where you launch from, and return to, as well as the area where you fish. If you notice any unusual weeds, map or mark the place, and contact the proper authorities. The area should be inspected, and if found to be infested with an exotic species, it should quarantined and given the appropriate treatment.

  • Avoid dumping the contents of fish bowls and aquariums into areas where they could end up in a pond, lake, river or stream. This, it is suspected, is how the hydrilla problem began in Florida, and spread through the rest of the country.

If you live in the Tyler, East Texas area, and have a problem with exotic aquatic weeds,  TexPest Services is your source for aquatic weed control.

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