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Bugs and Weeds IPM: Re-thinking Integrated Pest Management

A slightly different approach to dealing with pests 

What we deal with on this site is pest prevention. This is the precise point at which standard definitions of integrated pest management are at their weakest. Using many alternative approaches to commercial pesticides is a great idea, but it is always best to begin at the beginning, instead of starting somewhere in the middle.

I find it useful when seeking pest solutions, try to consider the natural elements involved. The ancients developed the concept of earth, wind, fire, and water, but I like to use them as soil, air, heat and sunlight, and water. Considering how each of these factors interact with each other and the other components on a property can go a long way toward preventing pest problems.

On a practical level, this is how it works:

Ask yourself: "How is what I am about to do going to effect the elements, and how will it be effected by the elements?

If the new landscape timbers that you are about to put in place back up water, and you do nothing with the soil to facilitate proper drainage, you will probably have mosquitoes invading your next backyard barbecue.

If you block airflow and sunlight in your back yard, and you have a significant amount of moisture, you will probably have fungus problems.

If you do this sort of thing, and your landscape is weakened, you will have invasions of bugs and or weeds.

This page and this subject will be expanded as time allows. If you are following the guidelines on this site, you are already practicing IPM at a level far above the normal IPM program!

This site contains information to help you prevent pests, save money, and do something good for the environment! To get started on our pest prevention program, go to Prevention Starts Outdoors, or to How To Use This Site.

 IPM based services 

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