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Green Pest Control: The Greenest Pest Control

 Why prevention is the greenest green pest control

There is a better way! There is a better form of pest control than commercial chemicals. There is an even a better method of dealing with bugs and weeds than the non commercial, non toxic, natural "green" pest control products. This method incorporates the least toxic, really, non toxic means of protecting your lawn, garden, landscape, home, and family. Even better, it will cut down the size of your carbon footprint. This is truly the greenest alternative, to even the green alternatives to commercial chemical pesticides, and it is easily within your reach! The instructions on how to do it are right here on this site, so keep reading, and make your environment a safer place!

Thinking of using green pest control? Superb idea! Before you place an order, or head to your local retail outlet for green pest products, I have some suggestions that might just save you some money, and do an even bigger favor for the planet!

Raw materials for producing even the greenest of the green pest control products must be harvested, processed, shipped, manufactured, packaged, labeled, warehoused, shipped again, and at the end, the packaging disposed of. All of these things require the use of energy.

What I prefer, is the use of pest prevention instead of control. Let me explain what I mean and why.

It has to do with mindset, with our tendency to put out fires, instead of preventing them. We seem to have no problem understanding this as it relates to disease.

Preventing the flu, preventing the common cold, or any other virus or disease is the standard. Controlling the flu, or treating the flu is understood to be the least appealing scenario outside of dying from it! Would you prefer to avoid pneumonia, or control and treat it with a non toxic remedy? Yet somehow, we can't seem to make the logical next step of applying this to the problem of pests.

Allow me to offer some environmental incentive. 12 reasons why preventing pests is the greenest form of green pest control, greener even than the use of green pest products:. 

I hope this has been an encouragement for you to give pest prevention a try before you try any other means of control.

Note: This article should not be seen as being opposed to green pest control products. Many of them are great, and I am glad to see progress in this area, but like the commercial chemicals, the need for using them can be greatly diminished by using good IPM and pest prevention practices. This site is a resource for doing this.

This site has the information you need for your quest to prevent pests. A great place to get started is How To Use This Site, a green guide to using this green guide to pest prevention! Before you get started, why not bookmark this page, so it will be easy to find again? It will only take a second, we will wait!

This site contains information to help you prevent pests, save money, and do something good for the environment! To get started on our pest prevention program, go to Prevention Starts Outdoors, or to How To Use This Site.

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