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Eco Friendly Home Pest Control The Best Control Is Pest Prevention

Eco Friendly

Eco Logic

Sometimes the arguments from both sides of environmental issues just don't make sense. It is like two people looking at the wrong map, and arguing on the best route to follow to get to a destination!

It is like the old joke about re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

The argument should not be whether to use commercial chemicals or non commercial, organic or natural pesticides. The emphasis should be on something else entirely, pest prevention! The single most important step in Eco friendly home pest control is stopping pests before they get started.

This site contains information on pest prevention. It is a simple system for controlling bugs and weeds before they invade. To learn more about how it works, see  How To Use This Site, or to get started on using the program, go to Prevention Starts Outdoors, and follow the link at the bottom of each page to the next step. It is the eco friendly thing to do!

 If you are looking for a particular subject, see Our Weedy Site Map.

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