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Holistic Pest Control

Holistic pest control program for preventing pests

Preventing pests should be the first step in pest control. Prevention should be the basis for any system of pest management. A holistic approach is what is needed, and what we offer. The program found on the pages of this website, is an integrated pest management system that starts at the beginning of the problem, and works through to the end. It is the most Eco friendly home pest control, and it is simple, and easy to follow.

Your homes landscape has a profound and inseparable effect on your home. Your lawn and landscape interact, with each other and your home. They all have an effect on you and your neighbors, friends and family, and the bugs and weeds in your lawn and landscape.

Bugs and weeds are effected by what you do. Everything around you is connected, and knowing how this works can help you to have a better experience. To get started on this program, go to Prevention Starts Outdoors, or How To Use This Site, or you can browse around, by going to Our Weedy Site Map, or our Main Directory.

This site contains information to help you prevent pests, save money, and do something good for the environment! To get started on our pest prevention program, go to Prevention Starts Outdoors, or to How To Use This Site.

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