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Green Alternatives The Green Alternative to Pesticides

What is green, requires no commercial pesticides, or organic, natural pesticides, or strange odd electronic devices, and can still keep bugs and weeds off your property, out of your lawn, garden, landscape, and home?

What is the single most effective way to avoid both pests and pesticides? Well, it is The green alternative to pesticides, it is called, (are you ready for this?) pest prevention!

It is not a new idea, but it is still the best idea! It has been ignored in most IPM programs, discounted by many in the commercial pesticide businesses, and somehow skipped over and missed by many in the green community. It still remains, however, the single most important factor in controlling pests, no exceptions! It is the most reasonable, logical, economical, environmentally friendly, ecologically sound means of dealing with bug and weed pests.

You can even do it yourself! This site will tell you how. If you want to get started on the the green alternative to pesticides, Prevention Starts Outdoors  is the place to start. This site is laid out in a step by step system, and will lead you to each new step with a link at the bottom of each page. There are other pages of information available as well, and if you lose your place, you can go to Our Weedy Site Map, or Main Directory for directions. There is more information on using this site in How To Use This Site. Don't forget to bookmark us, and tell a friend!


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