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Pest control is a subject that can be a little confusing. Many pest control companies offer what they call "pest prevention", but it is really just the use of regular pest control methods with longer residual effect. Preventing pests is more about changing behaviors, and modifying habits to keep pests away to begin with.  Pests, whether bugs, or weeds, are usually a result of human activity. They can usually be controlled by changing the things that we have altered that draw them to our property, and by excluding them from the property. Pest prevention is simply a matter of altering the environment in an area to make it less attractive to them.


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Pest Prevention A Systematic Approach | Green Pest Control Using Pest Prevention

Green Pest Prevention Pest Control System 

Pest control is often approached in a less than systematic way. It should be obvious to even the most disinterested and casual observer that the best place to start is pest prevention. With the emphasis now being placed on green pest control, we sometimes see the same problem at work. What could be more green than pest prevention? 

What we have done instead, is to focus on the pests we already have by using pesticides, the over use of which, may have less than desirable results on the pests, on the environment, and on our health, or by using green pest products which although they may be less hazardous, still fail to deal with the underlying issue. What is that issue? That pests are symptoms of poor planning, or poor implementation, and can be stopped by proper planning and proper implementation. Certainly, we may need to sometimes resort to green pest control products, or even commercial pesticides, but most pests can be prevented.


Control is what we do after the fact. It is the methodology we use to manage a problem we did not prevent, or to minimize the bad results of something for which we did not plan or did not plan correctly.


Prevention is preventing a problem before it starts by good planning, preparation, and follow through.

Pest Prevention Vs. Pest Control: Some examples

Would you rather prevent an accident, or control the aftermath? Would you prefer to control disease, or prevent disease? The same is true of pest problems. The best control for any problem is not to stop it with the least toxic means, but, to stop it before it starts! The best pest control, the most green pest control, is pest prevention. That is, the least toxic means in every case.

Change from pest control to pest prevention

It is time to take pest control back to the drawing board! If we continue to do the same things, in the same ways, we will get the same results! Pest prevention is more logical than even the natural, botanical pest control products. Why should we invest so much time and money to control or kill something we could have stopped to begin with?

Systematic pest prevention 

The goal of this site, is to provide a systematic, "green" approach to pest control using pest prevention, in a logical way, as the foundation for further pest control efforts. We think we have done this. There has been little written on this subject of pest prevention, and what is available is unorganized, and difficult to sort through. We have changed that!

This site is laid out in a logical, systematic way. One page automatically proceeds to the next. It is a step by step pest prevention "how to," "Do it yourself" guide to working through the problem of pests in a proactive way. There are separate articles on various pest control and pest prevention related topics as well. Many of these will be linked from pages in the prevention program for further information if needed or desired.

The "greenest" green pest control 

There is more to it! Pest prevention is also the "green," eco smart," "environmentally friendly" method of pest control! What could be a more eco friendly way to control and manage pests, and consequently the use of pesticides, than to prevent the pests to begin with?

Getting started 

So, get started now! Go to our Main Directory, or to our page: Prevention Starts Outdoors, and get busy! If you are looking for a particular subject, we have that covered too, see our  Our Weedy Site Map.

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